About Us


Buddy Brown is the founder/owner of Aquatic Sales since 1989.  He has 30+ years of diving experience under his belt, which includes a one year sailing tour around the Caribbean.  He was also the owner of a successful dive business / charter operation (100 ton captain license) in Islamorada, FL from 1979 – 1989.  He still enjoys fishing and diving out of Crystal River, FL whenever he can.

11/23/51 – 3/31/17  UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN DAD WE LOVE YOU!



Cathy Brown (wife of Buddy and mother of Jennifer, Matt, & Joey) keeps Aquatic Sales glued together.  She works primarily behind the scenes and takes care of the accounting and daily tasks in the office, while the sales people are out on the road.  You may run into her at a trade show or on one of our “fam trips” to Dominica.  She loves to play tennis, travel, and dive anywhere in the Caribbean.



Jennifer Miller has loved the ocean since living on a sailboat and sailing throughout the Caribbean with her parents.  Growing up in the Keys and diving as a youngster nurtured that love and desire to always be near the ocean. Jennifer has two teenage children, one of whom is  Level 1 Freediving certified and the other excelling in various high school athletic teams.  Jennifer is the newest sales representative with Aquatic Sales and is enjoying getting back to her roots of diving and the salt life.



Joey Brown was born in the Keys and very fortunate to have grown up around the dive business his whole life. He is an SDI instructor, but free-diving is what he enjoys most.  Joey has been representing dive/surf/paddle companies since 2007 and is always looking for new opportunities to grow the industry and help his dealers.  He also enjoys wake surfing and most recently, kiteboarding.


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Ed Moggio began his professional diving career circa 1979 as the Owner, Operations Manager and head Sanitation Engineer of Choo-Choo Dive Center in Chattanooga, Tn. During the next ten years grew and expanded the business thru the training of new divers, implementing an extensive dive travel program and successful retail sales growth each year.


AQUATIC SALES is based out of Conyers, GA.  Our territory spans from Delaware to Mississippi on down to the Florida Keys (13 states total).  We have been representing companies in the dive/surf/paddle industries for over 25 years.